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Gentle Pain Release® Center’s innovative and individualized treatments are physiologically sound, safe, and most importantly, they work.

We live in a world in which we honor “more, harder, faster”. We think this is the way to success in any area. So how can doing less be better/more? Myofascial Release (MFR) uses the principles of gentle pressures, gentle stretches, and long holds to accomplish the softening and letting go of hard, tight, and painful tissues. I think of it more like a melting of the tissues, rather than the forceful and potentially harmful techniques of other systems.

The Cross Hand Technique is one developed by John Barnes, P.T., the developer and teacher of MFR. The therapist crosses his/her hands and lightly places them on the patient in an area where a restriction is found. A restriction is one of the tight areas of tissue. The therapist has been instructed to let the hands “melt” for a minute or two until the tissues soften and let go. At this point the hands follow the tissues and the patient feels a delightful release of tension. Another barrier is met, the hands stop moving, the therapist continues to hold lightly until another release occurs. There can be many releases in any given area of restriction.

I remember having a patient whom I knew from treatments some time earlier. He called stating that he was in a lot of pain. Jack (fictitious name) was a former football player, Green Beret, and a strong and powerful guy. He arrived in a “bent over” position, and in a lot of pain. I knew that he would not benefit from traditional therapy. He could only sit, could not lie down. I used only the Cross Hand Technique with Jack. At the completion of this treatment his pain was reduced by 75% and he was able to stand up straight. On the second treatment he was able to lie on the treatment table and again, he received only the Cross Hand Technique. During the treatment Jack indicated that this was the first time in ten years that he had no pain at all. The Cross Hand Technique is very gentle, yet very powerful and very effective. Relief is not always so quick to come as Jack’s was, but it does come in most cases. And Jack needed to learn how to treat himself at home to prevent recurrence.

We use many different techniques at the Gentle Pain Release Center®. All of these techniques are gentle, yet very effective, and completely safe.

— Richard Fowler, P.T.


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