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Gentle Pain Release® Center’s innovative and individualized treatments are physiologically sound, safe, and most importantly, they work.

In many pain syndromes, the tissues are very tight, causing pain, and often they have been so for many years. Most therapies attempt to force the tissues to loosen; unfortunately, this often causes a reflex defensive tightening of the already tight tissues.

Gentle Pain Release® (GPR) uses gentle pressures or gentle stretches with long holds, two minutes or longer, to achieve a release or loosening and softening of the tissues, resulting in decreased pain. Releases are lasting. GPR honors the tissues’ needs. It works on the principle of the piezoelectric effect. It is like melting an ice cube in your hand; it takes some time. Squeezing the ice cube harder just hurts your hand!

“Find the pain and look elsewhere for the cause” is a familiar axiom. The fascial system of the body surrounds almost every cell in the body and is continuous throughout every structure of the body. Disease, trauma, and unhealthy postures can cause tightening of up to 2000 pounds per square inch pressure of the fascia, compressing nerves and blood vessels and pulling on the bones. This sets up a pain pattern that is felt in one area of the body, often with the cause in some other area of the body. Diagnosis is a critical skill of the therapist. Gentle Pain Release Center’s therapists are trained to diagnose and effectively treat the origins of pain syndromes, leading patients to a welcome release from the pain of acute or chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, headaches, back, and neck pain.

Our group of licensed physical therapists benefit from Richard Fowler’s over thirty years of experience, extensive training, and practice in physical therapy and other modalities. His uniquely beneficial treatment approach in conjunction with the therapists’ backgrounds in other complementary techniques provide patients with the best care available.


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