Gentle Pain Release Center Therapist Biographies

Richard Fowler, P.T.

portrait of Richard FowlerFounder and Owner, Gentle Pain Release® Center
B.S., Louisiana State University, 1967
Certificate in Physical Therapy
University of Texas Medical Branch, 1970

Richard grew up in a small town on the banks of the Mississippi River, in the midst of true Cajun country. It was a great place for a child to grow up, where everyone knew everyone else, and there was a true sense of community. After becoming a Physical Therapist, Richard moved to Florida, where he developed some very innovative pediatric programs for the Easter Seal Center in Ft. Lauderdale, worked in Home Health for ten years, ran marathons, and competed in triathlons.

Over the years his frustration at not being able to help those in chronic pain led him to pursue a great deal of additional training. He began learning and using the techniques used here, evolving his methodology. His excitement comes from the continual reward of seeing life-changing improvements common with Gentle Pain Release®, the name he gives to his work and philosophy. The methods are often deceptively simple and gentle, yet very effective.

The Gentle Pain Release® Center came into being with Richard’s realization that the time involved in these techniques could not be had in hospital and similar settings. Like-minded and similarly trained therapists, and patients needing the work, are drawn here.

Richard grows a large organic garden and enjoys all that owning ten acres of mostly wooded land on the French Broad River requires. The outdoors recharges and refreshes him, and he still engages in an occasional jog or bike ride. He also enjoys spending time off the Georgia coast. Richard is deeply committed to personal and spiritual growth.


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