Payment Options and Insurance Information

Payment options at the Gentle Pain Release Center include most insurances, Visa, MasterCard, Medicare, cash, or check.

Insurance: What the Patient Needs to Know

Treatments at the Gentle Pain Release Center® are covered by Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Crescent PPO, and other standard carriers. At this time, Medicaid does not cover our work.

Your insurance will be billed by the Gentle Pain Release Center® as a service to you. Since insurance can be confusing, the following definitions, information, and instructions may be helpful.


Charge – the amount billed to the insurance company.

Allowable – the amount that the insurance company actually pays, which is typically less than the charge.

Accept assignment – we accept the amount that the insurance actually allows, but you are still responsible for the “co-pay” amount, which is usually a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the allowable.

Deductible – the amount that you must pay at the beginning of the insurance coverage’s fiscal year before the insurance company begins to pay.

How much will I pay out of pocket?

When your appointment is made we will get the information that is on your insurance card(s) and we will call your insurance company to get the needed information. We will then be able to tell you how much you will need to pay at each treatment based on the information that the insurance company provides us. Most of the time we will know exactly how much you will be expected to pay each visit. Note that insurance companies do not always tell us exactly how much they will pay us, so in those cases we may not know exactly how much you will be expected to pay until we get the first E.O.B. In most cases we well be very close in our estimation of what will be expected.

We can discuss a cash price when you call for an appointment.

Do I need a referral to receive your services?

Medicare always requires a physician's referral and procuring a referral is usually not a problem. When we call your insurance company we will find out if a referral is required in your case. In N.C., physical therapists are not legally required to have a physician's referral.

Still have questions?

Insurance co-pays can be very confusing. If you have questions, we will be glad to try to answer your questions. Billing questions should be directed to our billing office at 828-438-8577 or 828-438-3952.

More Information

Billing Questions?
Call our billing office, CME Billing at:
(828) 438-8577 or
(828) 438-3952

Billing for treatments received prior to June 4, 2012 please call: (828) 891-5524

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